We envision a nation…

Where the will and concerns of the people aren't drowned out by the financial influence of the few.
Where politicians devote more time to their constituents than to their fundraising.
Where political decisions are made on principle, without the distorting effect of lobbyists.
Where individual citizens have access to clear information about their leaders and are empowered to end the imbalance of power in Washington and our state capitals.
We believe this vision is achievable and central to the success of the republic.

What We Do

Legalized political corruption has escalated into a national crisis that blocks progress on nearly every issue—from taxation and healthcare, to education and the environment: a pay-to-play system that worsens each year. After decades of limited success in fixing the problem, it has become clear that forging a path to victory requires a new set of reform strategies.

This motivated a group of advocacy experts and attorneys to join forces to in 2012 and launch the Represent.Us campaign and the American Anti-Corruption Act. We invite you to learn more about the Act, and join the Represent.Us campaign to pass Anti-Corruption laws in every town, city and state across America, and eventually in Washington, D.C.

How We Do It

United Republic 501(c)4 and United Republic Education Fund 501(c)3 focus on 3 primary areas of impact in the fight to end money in politics corruption: Grassroots and online movement building: The Represent.Us campaign; Bold legislative solutions to corruption: The American Anti-Corruption Act; Public Education about the problem: The Daily Corruption Newsblog

The Daily Corruption
The American Anti-Corruption Act

Who We Are

Josh SilverDirector
Josh Graham LynnProgram
Amelia LeonardiOperations
Todd Van MinterOperations
Steve HoescheleOrganizing
Bliss ParsonsOrganizing
Izzy GoodmanOrganizing
Mansur GidfarCommunications
Devers TalmageDigital
Jasper McChesneyDigital
Carey RoyceDevelopment
Sam ShankyResearch

Our Board of Advisors

United Republic has brought together some of the best minds in advocacy, academia, organizing and legal policy to create a trans-partisan leadership team with a clear new vision for solving one of America’s greatest challenges: The corrupting influence of money in politics. Click here to view the members of our advisory board.

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